Now You Can Help Your Most Valued Friends And Clients Discover How The Secrets To Writing And Publishing Their Own Best-Selling Book, Faster And Easier Than Ever Before...

…And You Get To Earn REAL Cash In The Process!

There was a time when I knew absolutely nothing about Affiliate Marketing.

However, after doing a little research, I discovered Affiliate Marketing is the most exciting and mutually beneficial concepts ever invented.

In a nutshell, all you do is add a special link (encoded with your unique ID number) to your website or any of your emails…. and when anyone clicks on that link and orders, you will make a percentage of the sale price.

How is this possible you ask?

Well it's all tracked through our automated website that calculates the number of orders referred by you in any calendar month.

Then if you have earned more than $10, between the 10th and 15th of the following month, a check will arrive in the mail with the commission of what you have earned or the money will be popped into your Pay-Pal Account.

It's that SIMPLE and it's FREE!

Even if (like me) you know nothing about computers, except how to use email, it's seriously a piece of cake.

I believe that it's the ultimate WIN-WIN-WIN scenario.

Your friends or clients get access to the same extraordinary information, it creates additional sales for me that I otherwise wouldn't have had… and you receive a little something because they're your friends and valued customers.

If that wasn't enough keep reading… There's More...

We give you all of the tools that you need including, Email Templates, Text Links and Promotional Banners for you to use.

We know these advertising tools and materials work, so all you have to do is use them then sit back. Because we take care of all of the follow up, selling and support.

I am guessing at this point you may have some questions about the 'Get Published Secrets' Affiliate program and would like to know exactly what the benefits to you and your list are.

So I have taken the liberty of listing some questions below along with the answers.

Please have a quick read...


Q: A product teaching people to write and publish their own book seems a little niche. I don’t know if this product offering will appeal to my list?

A: According to a Jenkins Research report, 82% of the population believe that they have a book inside of them and that they would at some stage try to publish their work if the opportunity arises. Another study conducted ranked 'writing a book' inside the top 10 things people want to do before they die. 

This proves that there is a very strong desire in people to write and publish a book. However, barriers within the traditional publishing industry typically prevent these people from follow through on this desire – this is were the 'Get Published Secrets' program comes in. 

Covering every single aspect of the published process, 'Get Published Secrets' provides the inside knowledge necessary to succeed and realize a dream of becoming a best-selling author.  

Q: What are the components of the Get Publishing Secrets program?

A: 'Get Published Secrets' is jam-packed full of content and contains components that appeal to all learning styles. More specifically below are some of the individual items that make the 'Get Published Secrets' the most detailed and advanced program of its kind in the world today.

•    8 High-Content and Professionally Recorded DVDs (each 50-minutes in length)
•    16 Audio CDs of Interview with other international publishing experts
•    Complete Transcripts of all 8 DVDs so to can review the content again
•    A folder containing the 190 high content PowerPoint slides used in the 8 DVDs
•    64-Pages of Bullet Point Notes which summaries all points form the 16 CDs
•    All 8 DVDs presentations converted in MP3 Audio File for easy listening
•    CD-ROM titled: Unleashing the Power of Google Adwords for Authors
•    Bonus CD with $247 of Mystery Bonuses Gifts to accelerate your publishing success



Q: What will the Get Published Secrets program be selling for?

A: The investment for the 'Get Published Secrets' program is AU$1997. Please note, as the product is non-area specific, we can accept orders from anywhere in the world and the product is shipped by registered mail on generally the same day the order is placed. 


Q: What commission are being paid to Affiliates?

A: The commission that will be paid to all affiliates will be 30% or just under AU$600 for each and every sale. In addition, as soon as you generate 5 affiliate sales, we will be happy to send you the 'Get Published Secrets' program for your personal benefit at no cost.


Q: What is the website that I will be sending people to?

A: The website we have registered bares the same name as the product, If you visit the site now you will see our home page. This is where we offer visitors a FREE Gift – that being a 68-Minute Audio and a 43-Page Book Publishing Guide, valued at $147.

Once they have downloaded their FREE Gift, visitors are directed to our sales page, which is located at

If you view our sales page you will see that we have worked hard to strike the right balance between a web page that is highly professional, yet still covers all of the fundaments of effective sales copy to maximum conversions and ultimately your commissions.


Q: If people don't purchase the product what value do they receive?

A: As mentioned, after a visitor downloads their 68-Minute Audio and 43-Page Book Publishing Guide, they are directed to our sales page. Ideally we want people to take action immediately, however understanding reality we aim to build a relationship and continue to express the many benefits of the 'Get Published Secrets' program. This is why people that fail to take action immediately automatically fall into a series of Autoresponders (pre-programmed emails) that send them links to eight FREE Videos. 

These Videos (each 5-7 minutes long) are samples taken directly from the 'Get Published Secrets' program. The purpose of these Videos is to display the high content and value of the information offered in the program. 

By this stage if they still haven't yet made a decision to invest into the program, we will send them 50 FREE Book Publishing Articles, all with great content. Again, each time they are directed back to the page to order 'Get Published Secrets'.

So you can rest assured that the referrals you send will receive exceptional value, plus we will be doing everything possible to ensure we follow up in order to capture every possible sale for you.


Q: How many emails will I need to send?

A: Ultimately this will be your decision. However, we'd suggest one email as an introduction and another follow up email 3-5 days later. We have several templates prepared for you, so all you will need to do it select the one that you feel most comfortable with and send to your contacts. It is that simple.


Q: How many emails will I need to send?

A: All clicks and subsequent sales are tracked through our advanced software program. Simply register your details at by clicking on the sign up link and you will be sent a unique tracking URL (otherwise known as an Affiliate Link). 

All you need to do is include that Link in any emails or on any website, then when someone clicks on that link and chooses to invest in the 'Get Published Secrets' program, you receive 30% of the sale price. 

In the event that someone doesn't purchase the product on first exposure there is no need to worry. Your Affiliate Link contains a 365-day memory. So if a leads purchases any time within 12-months, you will still be paid your commission.

As for the timing of payments, your Affiliate commissions are totalled at the end of each months and payment is then made to you within 10-15 days.


Q: Yes, I am keen to get started. What do I need to do next?

A: Simply click to proceed to the registration page, fill in all of your details and click submit. From there we will send you some email templates that are ready to go. All you need to do is add in your unique Link, send your contacts and look out for your first Affiliate commission. Making extra money has never been so easy.

I think that you have heard enough from me...

It's time that you see and experience for yourself what our incredible Affiliate Program can do for you.

Go on give it a try... I'm sure that would be more than pleased with the results.

Wishing you lots of Success,


Dale Beaumont
International Publishing Expert
Author of 16 Best-Selling Books
Creator of the "Get Published Secrets" Program


P.S. Remember this is a 100% FREE program. Join today and in less than 5 minutes you can earn 30% on every purchase that is made. And what's more you'll be making a huge impact on the lives of people that you care about.


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