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Tips For Dealing With Book Distributors
Book distributors play an important role in the success of your book. Without their efforts you will be unable to get your books into bookstores quickly or into markets that are outside of your reach. Based on first-hand experience, here are just a few quick tips for dealing with book distributors... Click here to read more

Book Distributors Can Help Get Your Book Into Bookstores
One of the best ways to sell your book is through bookstores. How do you get your book onto a bookshelf? If your book is published via a major publishing company the publisher will do it for you. They will undertake the process on you behalf and will pay you a 10% royalty on the sales made in... Click here to read more

How To Help Your Book Distributors Sell More?
Convincing a book distributor to sell your book into bookstores is not always an easy task. In fact, it can almost be as difficult as being picked up by a major publisher with book distributors rejecting about 80-90% of the books they receive. However, distributors are more interested in your book if they know that you have plans for
... Click here to read more

What To Do After You've Published your book?
'Gorilla Marketing' author, J Conrad Livingston said: "Someone once asked me how much I made from my first book, the answer I gave them was $10,000,000. The book itself only made me $35,000 in royalties, but the speaking engagements, spin-off books, newsletters, columns, boot-camps, consulting and wide-open doors resulted in the remaining $9,965,000."
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How To Attract Media Exposure?
In the past, publishers and distributors looked for material that was well-written and interesting. While this is still true, they have extended this list to also include 'good talent'. That is, publishers and distributors also want authors who are marketable; have a great story; and willing to get out there and sell their book to the media and other audiences. So today, authors need to have an understanding of how the media works in order to get... Click here to read more

How To Crack A Book Publishers Code?

Major publishers have an agenda to meet when looking for manuscripts to publish. Whereas once they were simply looking for well-written manuscripts, today they are also looking for marketable authors with ideas for future titles. Rejections are not uncommon for aspiring authors who now need to become savvier and more pro-active to ensure that their manuscript is noticed amongst the hundreds of... Click here to read more

Submitting A Manuscript To Book Publishing Companies
Stories from America suggest that every big New York publishers receives over one hundred manuscripts per day. That's about 3,000 manuscripts a month! However, sadly the majority of those manuscripts go unread. In fact many of them are returned to the sender unopened. The large volume of manuscripts that are sent to publishers is indicative of why it is so difficult to... Click here to read more

Major Book Publishing Companies - Pro and Cons
Mainstream publishers are recognised as being the prestigious avenue for publishing. The difficulty of getting your foot in the front door of a publishing house has instigated a mentality that believes, ‘only good books are published by major publishers'; and ‘self-publishers can't make it in the... Click here to read more

Guide To Getting Started On The Internet
Whereas once the Internet was an inferior tool that intimidated people, today it seems that everyone has access to it. In fact, it seems that some things are impossible to do now without the Internet. While it is still not a requirement for the self-publisher or first-time author, it is a very useful feature, considering the difficulties of getting... Click here to read more

How To Sell Copies Before Your Book is Published?
The first step for writing your book is: put down your pen! Why? You don't want to write a book unless you know it's going to be sold before you start. This is a paradigm shift for most people, because if you want to write a book the first obvious thing to do is... Click here to read more

15 Powerful Tips for Marketing Your Book
If you are planing to write a book and have that book published you need to think about ways of marketing it early. I have seen many authors leave it far too late to think about marketing their book and because of this they lose valuable time and with it opportunities for... Click here to read more

How To Promote Your Book To The Media?
Overwhelmed with excitement and enthusiasm, new authors will sometimes approach anyone and everyone in the media. This is a mistaake! Although your book is a big part of your life, this is not always the case for the media who receive numerous calls and... Click here to read more

Books Printing Tips To Save Time And Money
Book printing can be a complicated process, especially if you lack the knowledge to make informative decisions. While there is no substitute for seeking expert advice from professional book printers, here are just a few of the points about... Click here to read more

Important Questions To Ask Books Printers
If you are an author that has chosen the self publishing model, it is possible for you to write, edit, proof-read and typeset your work entirely. However, unless you also own a printing company, this job is one that should be left totally to... Click here to read more

Book Publishing Myths Exposed
For some people the idea of investing time and money into writing and publishing can be a daunting task. Sometimes the decision to pursue this course of action is made ambiguous because of the myths that surround it. While these myths raise awareness to significant and reasonable doubts, they can also complicate and overshadow the... Click here to read more

Truth About Vanity Publishing
Vanity publishing is sometimes referred to as: subsidy, co-operative, shared responsibility, or joint venture publishing. Vanity publishers may also use the term self-publishing, but while they may share some similar qualities, vanity publishing should not be confused with... Click here to read more

Truth About Vanity Publishing (Part Two)
When choosing a publishing avenue it is important to do your research. This same emphasise should also be placed on choosing companies to deal with. Listed below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of working with... Click here to read more

How To Publish A Book?
After writing a book, authors often bombard major publishers with their manuscript. Many of those manuscripts fail to abide by the publisher's guidelines and those that do are often lost in the large volume of manuscripts that pile up on a publisher's... Click here to read more

When Writing and Publishing Your Own Book, Have A Plan
Most authors, having made the decision to write a book, will sit down and regurgitate everything and anything they know about their topic. Unfortunately, due to the competitive nature of the publishing industry, sitting down and writing is only part of the writing and publishing process, in fact it is not even the first step... Click here to read more

How Publish A Book - Preparation
Getting published is not just about writing a book. Publishing goes beyond writing and with so many different avenues of publishing, this process offers more opportunities which means more decisions need to be made. Before getting published it is important to... Click here to read now

How to Get Book Your Published? What Do Publishers Really Want?
What aspiring writers often forget is that publishers are business people. They're not cruel or heartless, they're just business people trying to a make a profit. It's important to understand that most books lose money. If publishers are going to invest $10,000-30,000 of the company's money, they need to justify this expense by determining whether they will get a return on investment from... Click here to read more

How To Write A Successful Compilation Book?
Compilation books are a tool that allows authors to leverage of other people's knowledge and expertise. It is an incredibly useful technique if you lack certain knowledge or experience, and is a way of compensating for that... Click here to read more

When Writing A Book You Need Good Editors
After you finish writing your book it will need to be edited. This is usually the first stage of the production process. If a major publisher is publishing your book, then your will not have to worry about finding an editor for your book. Major publishers will often use their own in-house editor who is familiar with the publisher's... Click here to read more

Writing A Book - Important Points To Remember
Once your book is published it is not always easy or possible to make changes. That's why it's important to ensure things are done right from the beginning, otherwise you can end up paying the price with less... Click here to read more

If you Write A Book you need a Proofreader
Editing is a multi-staged process that usually requires more than one editor for it to be completed successfully. The final stage of the editing process is proofreading, a role that is often completed by someone who was not involved in the... Click here to read more

You Need A Style Guide To Create Own Book
A style guide outlines the way the book is to be written and to ensure that consistency is maintained throughout the entire book. For example, you don't want to start writing your book using American spelling and finish using Australian spelling; nor do you want your editor to alter the word 'cash-flow' to... Click here to read more

Book Titles That Grab You By The Balls (eye balls that is)
Every month, thousands of books are introduced to the marketplace, swamping bookshelves with numerous titles about all types of subjects. This overwhelming number of titles has created a competitive environment where it's now important to have a great jacket with an even greater title. So in conjunction with a great book, authors also need to have titles that grab attention. There are various ways to do this by using... Click here to read more

A Guide For Successfully Typesetting Your Book
Whether you choose to typeset your book yourself or go with a specialized typesetting company, there are certain decisions that you will have to make to ensure that your book is formatted to its fullest potential. What decisions do you need... Click here to read more

How To Discover What Readers Want?
There is no point writing or publishing a book if no one is going to read it. Before you even think about typing at the key board or you need to do some research and develop an insight for what the... Click here to read more

Self Publishing Questions Answered (Part One)
How do I ask for high profile endorsements?

It depends on the relationship you have with that particular person. If you have a really good relationship, sometimes you can just call them and ask for an endorsement and normally they will be happy to do that. However, if you don't have a relationship then they will usually want to see the whole book before they are willing to endorse it. They may not read the entire book, but... Click here to read more

Self Publishing Questions Answered (Part Two)
Do I need an ISBN?
Every book needs to have an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) if you want to sell commercially. If you're just making a little booklet and giving it out at your doctor's surgery then it won't be necessary. However, if you are going to be dealing with distributors and people that need to categorise certain things and put it into a database, then an ISBN can be used as a universal number that is recognised globally. ISBNs cost about... Click here to read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self Publishing
Self publishing is a method of publishing which is becoming increasingly popular, especially with a business minded individuals and people of Generation Y. These people are choosing to pursue the self publishing avenue because of the various benefits it holds over traditional publishing. While each publishing method has its own advantages and disadvantages, it is important to firstly evaluate each publishing decision against your personal goals and conditions. However, as the competitive nature of the publishing industry continues to grow, self publishing appears to... Click here to read more

Why Self Publishers Need A Proofreaders Checklist?
After your book is sent to your printers, any changes that you wish to make are very costly. The trick is to make sure that all errors are fixed and that you're absolutely happy with your end product before you send it away to be printed. A good way to save time and money is to create... Click here to read more

Self Publishers Need A Book Distributor
Every year there are more and more authors choosing self publishing and trying to get their new book into bookstores. You have to understand that bookstores don't want to have an account with every single one of them, so they are rarely willing to deal directly with a... Click here to read more

Self Publishers Guide To Working With A Great Editor
Editing is an important ingredient for producing a book that will not only be published but also read. Although writers usually have a good grasp of the English language, editors undertake this task on a daily basis and have specialist... Click here to read more

What Self Publishers Need to Get Media Exposure
If you have chosen the path of self publishing, promoting your book through media and publicity is extremely important. If people outside your local sphere of influence are unaware your book even exists, national sales will be poor and your publishing career will exist only... Click here to read more

Self Publishing Guide To Writing A Successful Media Release
The media release is the simplest and most effective form of generating publicity for your book. In fact, if done correctly your media release can get you nation-wide publicity for free. However, journalists receive hundreds of releases a day so unfortunately many releases are not read before... Click here to read more

Self Publishing Guide To Finding A Great PR Company
As a self published author there are predominately two different ways of getting media exposure. You can manage the entire campaign yourself or you can use the services of a professional public relations... Click here to read more

Self Publishers Need To Understand Typesetting
For an author that has chosen the path of self publishing, after a book has been written and edited, it needs to be typeset. Typesetting is the process of having your manuscript laid out in book format. Whereas it once required a specialist for its completion, a technologically era has made typesetting possible for anyone who has... Click here to read more

4 Reasons To Write A Book
There are so many reasons to write a book. In fact, a speaker I know recently identified 101 reasons to write a book. Some of these reasons I could relate to, others I couldn't. However, I quickly came to the conclusion that there was no 'wrong' reason to write a book – it simply comes down to the objectives of the individual. That's why I encourage people to... Click here to read more

Think Bonuses When Writing A Book
Bonuses are an essential tool for building a business out of your book and making it commercially profitable. While some writers write for self-gratification, it is also important to understand that your book needs to be profitable in order... Click here to read more

How Does Co-Authoring A Book Work?
With many aspiring authors pursuing major publishers as their avenue of publishing and confronting dead-ends, writers can either continue trying or adopt a more pro-active response to fulfilling their publishing needs. Co-authorship is one such response that can help aspiring writers get there words in print. This is how it works… Click here to read more

How To Write A Book With Less Effort?
Someone once told me: 'you can have excuses or results, you can't have both'. So no matter what your current situation is, if you want to write a book then the 'perfect' time is now. You simply have to get started and with so many options now available for budding authors, you don't even have to write your book yourself. Here are some tips for writing a book in less... Click here to read more

An Authors Guide To Mastering Media Interviews
As expressed in previous articles, tapping into the power of the media is perhaps the best way for authors to promote your book.
Once you have grabbed the attention of a journalist, the next step is the media interview. Presenting yourself at your very best in a media interview is a difficult task for any author. However, it can be a whole lot easier if you are prepared and follow... Click here to read more


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