How To Attract Media Exposure

In the past publishers and distributors looked for material that was well-written and interesting. While this is still true, they have extended this list to also include 'good talent'. That is, publishers and distributors also want authors who are marketable; have a great story; and willing to get out there and sell their book to the media and other audiences. So today, authors need to have an understanding of how the media works in order to get exposure.

Media outlets require a lot of content. Think about it: a radio station requires 24 hours worth of content everyday of the year. Media outlets need content to fill their publications and programs offer plenty of opportunities for authors to gain media exposure. But what do they want?

Well, they want content that is interesting, that's stimulating, that's going to keep people glued to the screen, it's going to keep people flicking the pages of their magazine or their newspaper. So what makes content stimulating or interesting?  


If a journalist was to read a media release titled: 'Man drives taxi', the journalist's initial response will be who cares. But what about 'Man drives taxi backwards to hospital while delivering a passenger's baby'? This is unique, something different, and it's got a better chance of grabbing the media's attention. So determine what is unique or different about you or book and sell that idea.


People are interested in success stories. 'New first-time author sell 50,000 books in the first week.' That's successful. Or perhaps the success can relate to the author of a particular book. What if the author was blind? Could that make an interesting media article?


The media loves controversy. If you book is slightly controversial, perhaps that's a way of receiving media exposure. For example, Dan Brown's 'Da Vinci Code'.


Can people relate to it? People are more likely to pay attention to something if they can relate to it. A book about getting rid of stains in children's' clothing, called 'Spotless', was a number one bestseller. Why? Because every single parent can relate to that particular issue.


There is something instilled into our culture which makes us want to support the underdog. We want to look out for the little guy or the courageous individual that stands for a good cause. Does your book in any way reflect this idea? If so jump on it and put it up in lights.


Humour is a great way to gain media exposure. People want to laugh and often media outlets are looking for humour in order to balance out the tragedy and problems that fill your average news day.


If you're looking at something and it's tapping on your heartstrings and you can't change the channel because it's just so emotional. That's another great way to gain media exposure.
In short, the media is looking for stimulating and interesting stories. In order to be picked up by a major publisher or succeed in the world of self publishing, you need to apply one or more of the above elements to your book and sell that angle to the media.


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