Guide To Getting Started On The Internet

Whereas once the Internet was an inferior tool that intimidated people, today it seems that everyone has access to it. In fact, it seems that some things are impossible to do now without the Internet. While it is still not a requirement for the self-publisher or first-time author, it is a very useful feature, considering the difficulties of getting published.  

Today a modern generation of self-publishers are exhausting the benefits of the Internet and using it as a means of contacting a larger and more global market. For self-publishers and aspiring writers getting started on the Internet is really simple. All you have to do is follow these steps:

1.    Gather names and email addresses

Gather the names and email addresses of every single person your meet. These people are going to become future customers of your book. While it's illegal to get emails from other lists to start emailing to (that's spam), you can email anyone else if you have a personal contact with them - and that includes business cards you may have received.

2.    Create a database

Put all of your names and email addresses into a database. This is as simple as using Microsoft Excel.

3.    Set up a website

This is not as difficult as it may sound, even for the non-technical person. At the very least, you can go to or and set up a little website where all you have to do is add information. You type it, press ‘publish' and it goes onto the web for everybody to see.

4.    Start communicating

Even if your book won't be finished f or another two years, start communicating with your friends, your family, your database. Let them know about your book and when it will be due out, perhaps include a dummy cover of what the book will look like or a sample chapter.

There is no perfect time to get started on the Internet, so do it now! Collect names and emails and compile a database; set up a website; and even if your book is not finished start building relationships with your database. If you do this successfully, by the time your book is due out you will already have customers ready to buy it!


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