3 Things Book Authors Need To Sell Their Book On-line

Today you can sell your book anywhere you want. The Internet has allowed access to the entire world, which means you can market your book to someone across the globe. While there are sites like Amazon which can help you distribute to people overseas, the key to successful Internet selling is to have a personal website. There are three basic things you need to succeed on the Internet:

1.    A product

Well you already have it - your book! If you wish to send it as a physical book then you have to work out the best way to do that - are you going to include delivery charges in the price of the book or are you going to deliver it for free? Usually it is too expensive to send books overseas as a self-publisher unless it is in a digital version. Converting your book into digital or e-book format is as simple as taking your book and publishing it as a PDF. Then all you have to do is email it to the customer.

2.    A website

A website is a communication tool that allows people to access information about your products and to purchase them. You need four things to run a website: [1] domain and hosting [2] sales copy [3] website design and [4] payment facilities.

Domain and hosting requires you to find a server provider to keep your site running online. Your sales copy should entice users to buy your product and should be different from the text you used to write your book. If you would like to have the sales for your books written by a professional you can check out two websites called elance.com or rentacoder.com. Your website design has to be readable and usable and reflect your product. Understand that web readership differs from print, so you may wish to seek some expert advice. Finally, your website must include payment facilities if you wish to sell products online.  For example, clickbank.com or paypal.com.

3.    Traffic

Traffic is about driving people to your website. Some of the simplest ways to achieve this is by including your website at the bottom of everything you write - emails, newsletters, articles, promotions and so on. Another way is to communicate with your database. That is, send emails out every month or every two weeks depending on what is happening. Other ways of generating traffic is through pay per click advertising, search engine optimisation, joint ventures, and using affiliates.

The Internet is a great way to reach a global market and whether you wish to do that through physical books or e-books it is entirely up to you. However, it is always a good idea to give people options - so why not try both!


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