Books Printing Tips To Save Time And Money

Book printing can be a complicated process, especially if you lack the knowledge to make informative decisions. While there is no substitute for seeking expert advice from professional book printers, here are just a few of the points about printing that are worth considering.

•    Off-set book printing takes more time to set-up and is often only used when large print runs (more than 1000) are required.

•    Digital book printing or ‘on-demand printing' allows you to print anywhere between one book and 500 books.

•    Digital printing is a like a photocopier on steroids. That is, they are like an advanced photocopier that can print on both sides at the same time, print on a better type of paper and so forth.

•    Book printing is a numbers game. The more you print the cheaper each book becomes. For example, if you print 100 copies each book may cost you $15; if you print 10,000 copies each book may cost you $1.50 to $2, sometimes even less.

•    For first time self publishers, it can be safer to start with short print runs (digitally) and following it with bigger print runs.

•    Printing books overseas can be cheaper, however, they take longer to print. You will also have to pay import and stamp duty tax to ship them into the company.

•    Black and white printing in-country varies little in price to overseas printing, however, colour printing in places like Asia can sometimes be 40-50% cheaper.

•    Some printers will allow you to customise your covers for very little added price.

•    Book printers don't like indecisive people or people who continuously change their mind. Ensure that you know exactly what you want.

•    Book printers can also print bookmarks for you at the same time as your book cover, so make sure you tell them beforehand.

•    There are various ways of binding your book and often it depends on the numbers of pages and the type of paper you have used. Seek out advice from credible book printers.

There are many issues that arise when the time comes to print your book. To ensure that you get the best value for the best price, speak to your printer and be willing to work with them. Tap into their knowledge and expertise in order to produce a book that is exactly what you want.


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