How to Get Book Published? What Do Publishers Really Want?

What aspiring writers often forget is that publishers are business people. They're not cruel or heartless, they're just business people trying to a make a profit. It's important to understand that most books lose money. If publishers are going to invest $10,000-30,000 of the company's money, they need to justify this expense by determining whether they will get a return on investment from the book.

If they're not confident of seeing a return, then they're probably going to say 'no thanks'. They're not bad people, they're trying to cover their overheads and hopefully make some money at the end of the day.

Keeping all of this in mind, you need to ask yourself: what are publishers looking for today?

More than words

Yes a well-written manuscript is important, but they want more. Although Dan Brown's 'Da Vinci Code' has sold 40 million copies, literary experts claim that it's not the most fantastic book that he's written - in fact it's pretty average by literary standards - and yet it's a bestselling book.

This is because the book was more than just words, it had controversy. Books that get published are not only written well, but are also packaged well; they have a great concept and a great design in addition to great content.

Do you have an audience?

To help publishers decide whether your book will sell or not, they want to know your audience. They want to know, 'can this person bring me an audience?' If you're a hermit who wrote a book in the hills, a publisher is going to say, 'well no one knows about this person. Why should I invest in this book when I can invest in a book produced by Lance Armstrong or Robbie Williams, who can bring me an audience of millions of people?'

Good talent

Publishers also want authors who are marketable. They want to publish authors who can help sell their book. They want to know whether this person has an original angle that grabs media attention; that they can conduct entertaining and informative interviews; that they have useful contacts and big databases.

When approaching a major publisher understand that you are approaching a business, and while the writing of your book may have required a creative-mind, you need to switch to a business-mind if you want to be published by a major publisher. Remember at the end of the day publishers are business people.


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