Self Publishing Guide To Finding A Great PR Company

As a self published author there are predominately two different ways of getting media exposure. You can manage the entire campaign yourself or you can use the services of a professional public relations agency.

Generating media exposure can be a timely and costly process. However, it can be a great investment if done correctly. If you lack the knowledge or experience in the media industry then it may be a good idea to hire the services of a PR company.

Some of the questions you should ask when looking for the right PR company include:

Do they specialise or have experience with books?

There are different types of PR companies, some of them specialise in representing companies or individuals from different industries, such as fashion, music, art, sporting events and so on. So you've got to make sure you go with a company that has experience with or even specializes in books.

What's the minimum time commitment?

Different companies will request different time commitments from their authors. It may be three weeks it may be 6 months. It also depends on what new information or news-generating material an author can provide.

What type of fee structure?

Some companies have a monthly fee like a retainer. That could be $2,000 per month to $5,000 per month. Other companies may structure your fees as an hourly rate, perhaps $50 per hour up to $200 per hour, it all depends on how successful the company is. You should also be weary of hidden costs and ask about extra fees that may apply.

What media exposure have they created?

Make sure your have a look at their recent press clippings and ask to see their press gallery. Have a look and check what media exposure they have created for similar clients.

Public relations can be a very exhausting process and one that is not suitable for all people. This is why it can be advantageous to use the services of a public relations company. So make sure you do your research and find a company that has experience working with authors similar to you.


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