4 Reasons To Write A Book

There are so many reasons to write a book. In fact, a speaker I know recently identified 101 reasons to write a book. Some of these reasons I could relate to, others I couldn't. However, I quickly came to the conclusion that there was no 'wrong' reason to write a book – it simply comes down to the objectives of the individual. That's why I encourage people to pick up a pen or sit at a keyboard to more clearly identify their own reason.

I believe writing and publishing is one of the greatest things you'll ever do in life, so for those who have not found their reason to write a book spare some time to think about these four points.

1. Increases credibility in your industry

Notice how the first five letters of 'authority' spell the word 'author'. I'm not sure how it works, but it seems that when you've written a book, all of a sudden people perceive you as knowing something – you become an authority on that particular subject. Perhaps it's a response built into our culture and one that shares psychological similarities to the way we view celebrities.

Nevertheless, when I first started the 'Secrets Exposed' Series, I was fascinated by this instant surge of credibility. After someone bought one of my books online, I use to ring them up and thank them personally. You could almost hear their jaw drop over the phone when they realised the 'author' was actually calling them. I still see myself as a normal person, yet all of a sudden people were seeing me differently because I took the time to write a book. The thing is, when you have a book you become an authority figure and increase your credibility.

2. Magnifies your income earning potential

Time is money. Let's take a public speaker for example. A speaker gets paid for turning up and delivering a message; offering information that is of value to the audience. However, what if you could get paid more for speaking or even better, while you're not speaking? The power of the book means that while you are on stage speaking, someone somewhere else could be buying your book at a store or online. Books serve as a passive stream of income, and can earn you money while you sleep.

I was the guest speaker at an event not that long ago and I got paid $1,000, but I was able to sell $3,000 worth of books at this engagement. So instead of earning $1,000, I was able to magnify my income by writing a book.

3. Provides an opportunity to expand your network and database

When I started the 'Secrets Exposed' Series, I had a database of about 100-200 people. After I released the first three books in the Series, my database within months grew to 5,000 people. Now every time I have a new book out or an upcoming seminar, I send them an email and I tell them to pass it on to their friends and family.

So many authors don't do this, they always try fishing in new ponds rather than fishing to the same people. This is why a database is a valuable resource.

4. Plus…

…it's so much fun! 


Dale Beaumont is the author of this article. He is an internationally renowned book publishing expert, the author of 16 best-selling books and the creator of the Get Published Secrets Program.  

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