“Here's What People Who Purchased The Get Published Program Have To Say..."

Alison Nancye

“The Best Investment I Could Have Made”

"Dale, this is the most time I have sent away from my two children in the last two years and it is the best investment I could have made. Your enthusiasm, generosity, advice and insights are awesome and so appreciated.

You have helped me to reinforce what I already want to do, you have inspired me to keep going on my publishing journey. You are one of the most energetic and inspiring speakers I have ever come across. Thank you for the opportunity to witness greatness in all its form."

Alison Nancye

The Mermaid Project


John Bertone

"Dale's Information Will Guarantee Your Success!"

"Without a doubt, Dale is one of the most informed people in the world when it comes to book publishing. Having Dale's information will guarantee your success as a publisher."

John Bertone

Mobile Phone Secrets


Amanda Galati

"One of the most in-depth and fascinating seminars I have attended!"

"I found the 'Get Published Secrets' program one of the most in-depth and fascinating courses I have attended! Very content rich, almost to the point of overload but I understand how much valuable information Dale has to share! To the end, the program was very concise in each area and easy to understand.

My view of where I can take myself in the world of publishing has expanded 100 times and I now realize that there is so much more that can be developed from writing a book. The greatest thing I learnt was about developing a series of books - thinking longer term about how to turn this into a business and spin-off products is exciting and mind blowing. I have a lot of ideas for books, this has given me the steps to now do it!"

Amanda Galati

Pandemic Possibilities


Margaret Wilcox

"The most detailed seminar on publishing I have ever attended!"

"This is the most detailed program on publishing I have ever attended. Dale covers all aspects of the different publishing processes clearly and leaves us wondering about nothing! Dale's delivery was very professional and easy to listen to."

Margaret Wilcox

Wilcox Trading

Andrew Cox

"The seminar was worth ten times what we paid for it"

"This was a fantastic workshop. Every section was packed with great content. I will be referring back to the notes for months, just to make sure I didn't miss a single thing. Dale is a terrific presenter and the course was worth ten times what we paid for it."

Andrew Cox

James Short

“I know what I need to get my book marketing, printed and published with easy steps to use and follow.”

“Wow Dale! Before I heard Dale I had so many questions about how to start and where to go about getting started. All I had was a great idea but no direction. After listening to Dale, I now know what I need to get my book marketed, printed and published with easy steps to use and follow. A massive weight has been lifted, and now I am even more excited about get my book out. Thanks Champion”

James Short

Award winning fitness trainer

"A treasure chest of user friendly and practical information"

"Dale Beaumont's 'Get Published Secrets' program is a treasure trove of user friendly and practical information. If you have written a book or are at the stage where the desire to write a book is just a whisper, Dale opens the door and lights the path to get your book published. Congratulations Dale on your publishing success."

Dennis McKay and Suzanne Fassoulas

Gold Archer Inter-National

Justin Stafford

"Dale gave a comprehensive guide to publishing your own book"

"The question is what didn’t I learn from Dale’s program? Dale gave a comprehensive guide to publishing your own book. I came to the program not thinking I had the material to write a book and now I realize that I do! I highly recommend Dale as a person you must speak/listen to before publishing your own book. Thanks Dale!"

Justine Stafford

Ahead Digital Media


"The entire process of writing, producing, marketing and promotion was covered"

"I was very impressed with the range of information conveyed, its concentration and conciseness. I also enjoyed the style of delivery, as it was breezy and fast paced. I really appreciate the fact that the entire process of writing, producing, marketing and promotion was covered in a single seminar. It really was all content, highly informative and well worth the time invested."

Harald Kleeman

"This is the ultimate publishing seminar"

"Many people have a sense of the amazing new possibilities with publishing in the 21st century. Dale turns this sense into a practical reality. He has an amazing generosity of spirit - sharing his experience, insights and ideas into easy to follow manageable steps. For anyone who has a book inside them or wants to develop their existing book ideas, this is the ultimate publishing program."

Anni Hague

Hague Communications Group

Jennie Cartright

"Thank you Dale for sharing your knowledge and expertise"

"This day was excellent. Dale’s passion, energy, knowledge and expertise were of exceptional standard. Anyone working to develop their skills and expand their knowledge on having a book or leads published would find this sensational and valuable. This presentation provided many opportunities to think outside the box. Thank you Dale for sharing your knowledge and expertise - what a gift!"

Jenny Cartwright

Sales and Telesales Solutions


Yang Suk Jung

“I guarantee you will be mentioned in my first book!!”

“Dale's information has equipped me with all the nuts and bolts on how to become an author, not just dream it! Thanks Dale for your genuine passion of publishing and generosity of sharing it with us. I guarantee you will be mentioned in my first book!”

Yang Suk Jung

"I got massive value from every single one of the 8 sessions"

"I got massive value from every single one of the 8 sections. Dale’s energy and enthusiasm is amazing and was consistent throughout the entire day. I loved it!"

Christie Coleman

Thought Leaders


Cydney O'Sullivan

"He covered every aspect"

"Dale Beaumont’s publishing program was an action packed information crammed day that effectively and systemically answered all my questions about developing a series of books. He covered every aspect and offered support materials all along the way. Top effort! Great value! Well done!"

Cydney O'Sullivan

COS Investment Group Pty Ltd

"All levels of the book publishing journey were covered"

"Get Published Secrets - what a fantastic product! The information was invaluable and all levels of the book publishing journey were covered. This has got me back on track, thank you so much."

Colleen Walters

Domenica Papalia

“Essential information for anyone preparing to publish a book”

“The 'Get Published Secrets' course was excellent! There was an incredible amount of information delivered in a fun, inspiring, easy to understand manner. I believe it is essential information for anyone preparing to publish a book, because it really opens up your eyes to all the important decisions you need to make before you send your book to the printer.

I highly recommend to anyone - Dale is without no doubt an expert in his field and his knowledge is priceless.”

Domenica Papalia

Coach Trainer

and Author of 'Your Highest Potential'

"A goldmine of information"

"Incredible! A goldmine of information - a week worth in a single day. If you can’t successfully publish and sell a book after this seminar then you just weren’t listening! Many, many thanks."

Lindsay Mason

Maurice Goldberg

"I feel released after hearing your seminar"

"Thanks Dale; I’ve been sitting on so many ideas for so long in fear of my work not being perfect. I feel released after hearing your seminar, to outsource, pre-sell, market focus and just get on with it."

Maurice Goldberg

Founder and CEO of ARK Group


David Hong

"There was so much knowledge and information"

"There was so much knowledge and information. I am now feeling validated with some of the processes that I took. I also feel empowered that you don’t have to be an expert to succeed in this industry."

David Hong

D & J Distribution and Consultancy

Dawn Hartigan

"His 25 tips on marketing ideas for me are ’pure gold’"

"Dale has offered a multitude of ideas, not just on publishing options but also on marketing and distribution. His 25 tips on marketing ideas for me are ’pure gold’. I’m sure in a very short period of time I will be thanking Dale personally for his contribution to my success as an author."

Dawn Hartigan

Dawnican Fitness Centre

Author of The Power of Age

Daniel Mangion

"It has changed my life"

"The wealth of information is outstanding and the one-day seminar is too good to be true. I believe it could have been a full weekend event due to the sheer volume of content. I thank you so much for allowing me this great opportunity, it has changed my life."

Daniel Mangion

Blue Frontier Pty Ltd


"This information has been extremely helpful"

"Dale covered many aspects of getting a book published that I knew nothing about. This information has been extremely helpful. I will relay this to my daughter who is also writing a crime novel. Thank you for a great program."

Cathy Downing

"Dale Beaumont talks the talk"

"Dale Beaumont talks the talk with so much enthusiasm that this section has been so incredibility informative and encouraging. He is a credit to himself and his honesty and integrity shine through. Whatever you do, if you are serious about getting published, invest in whatever products Dale endorses because it’s gold. May you all enjoy happiness and prosperity."

Dee Havebond

Sigrid De Castella

“I wish I had done Dale's course before I published my first book”

“I wish I had done Dale's course before I published my first book - rather than reinventing the publishing wheel, I could have redirected those efforts into promotions and marketing. Now, armed with an arsenal of tips and techniques, I can ensure my subsequent publications are more successful, faster!”

Sigrid de Castella

Author of 'Half The Woman I Was'

Emma Bell

"The amazing strategies and first hand knowledge Dale has is very impressive"

"This was very, very interesting, with masses and masses of information that I needed to have learnt shorthand! The amazing strategies and first hand knowledge Dale has is very impressive. He doesn’t hide anything, he exposes all his ideas and you learn so much you need to refer back and go over everything time and time again. Really given me the confidence to go out into this industry and get going!"


Emma Bell


Eugenio Monaco

“What a shock I got!”

“I was wondering if this seminar was really going to be that good. But what a shock I got! Dale was excellent, full of energy and delivered with gusto. As a first time publisher, I found it to be very in-depth with lots of information and knowledge and well worth the early Sunday wake-up! Thank you Dale for your enthusiasm and knowledge.”

Eugenio Monaco

Body and Soul Dynamics

Gaz Lowe

“Totally eliminate the fear of publishing”

“I'm blown away with the amount of information being given so openly and freely. I discovered that you don't need years of study in publishing to get started. The information provided is sufficient to get out there and get my books out. Thankyou for taking the time to share… I recommend this information to anyone because it helps to totally eliminate the fear of publishing.”

Gaz Lowe

Author of 'Whispers of the Real Heart'

Graeme Cowan

"I can tell you it really works"

"I was privileged to receive some of Dale’s advice prior to the seminar and I can tell you it really works. Having now spent a day hearing from Dale I am blown away by the value he has provided. It was innovative and powerful. My goals have been considerably enlarged. Thank you."

Graeme Cowan

Author of Back From The Brink

Jennie Vickers

"I am now energised and believe I have the ability to write a winning book"

"I flew across from New Zealand to attend Dale's program. I got up at 4am (New Zealand time) this morning and am so glad I did. Dale is a fountain of knowledge and focused relevant information. I am now energised and believe not only that I have the ability to write a winning book, but I now also have the tools to turn this belief into a reality."

Jennie Vickers

JV Initiatives

"The most informative seminar I’ve been to"

"Thank you Dale for providing such in-depth information on how to get your book published. Some very important things I learnt were the ideas about producing a series, the pros and cons of publishing and self publishing, giving bonuses in your book and getting bookmarks done at the same time as printing. It has to be the most informative program I’ve been to. You gave us your all."

John Bates

Fire Up Coaching


"I found the material in ‘Get Published Secrets’ invaluable"

"I found the material in ‘Get Published Secrets’ invaluable. Dale has a great ability to break down the topic into juicy chunks and presenting it in an interesting and dynamic way. I also like the way he explored my pre-existing assumptions about the ways that books can get published. I loved the idea of pre-selling books and out-sourcing the writing process. I also loved the Coca-Cola theory of marketing: Go Everywhere, Do Anything But Not All At Once.

Jennifer Coggins

Karen Adams

"Your book publishing product was excellent!"

"Thank you Dale - your book publishing product was excellent!! Well thought-out, good progression and most importantly; relevant and valuable information. I got a lot from your systematic approach. The 25 marketing ideas are priceless and just put the cream on the cake for me. Development of the book plan, process, production, marketing, the lot! Thanks so much for a great day."

Karen Adams

Your Website Genie


Jonathon Fisher

"Dale is a publishing legend!"

"Dale is a publishing legend! He is one of the few people around who teaches from ’real world’ successes. It was very inspirational, practical and innovative. Thank you for your generosity."

Jonathon Fisher

Julian Campbell

"A fantastic day of outstanding tips"

"A fantastic day of outstanding tips delivered with energy, enthusiasm and vitality. It is great to here outstanding hands-on tips from someone that actually exploring the success and challenges and who is prepared to share with everyone. Dale has learnt the right to share this information."

Julian Campbell

Leadership for Growth


"A valuable day for anyone wanting to publish"

"This was a valuable day for anyone wanting to publish. There were some novel ideas and suggestions that are well worth following. It made me consider a path I did not consider before. The most valuable information for me was the timeline and order in the publishing process and the idea of finding sponsors before printing."

Kerrie Legge

JV Initiatives

"Get my books out and distributed every 60 - 90 days with minimal stress"

"I came with 4 or 5 book ideas for my series of books on mortgages and personal finance. I have now written down a further 25 titles in related areas. Today’s seminar has provided me with a simply system to develop great content and get my books out and distributed every 60 - 90 days with minimal stress. Thanks again!"

Julian Thornton

Designer Mortgage Solutions


Kris McIntyre

"Dale, what an awesome product and publishing system!"

"Dale, what an awesome product and publishing system! You are a true teacher, with enormous energy and generosity of sharing your knowledge. It was like the opening of Pandora’s Box about book publishing and getting everything you need to know. I loved it!"

Kris McIntyre

Lisa Messenger

“Dale's material is extraordinary and his knowledge surpasses the best in the world.”

“Over the last two weeks I have sold 18,000 copies of my latest book and through Dale's insights I'm now continuing to soar to even greater heights.

As a fellow publisher and author, Dale's generosity, reciprocity and abundance mentality continues to blow me away! His energy and enthusiasm is beyond expectations.”

Lisa Messenger

Director of Messenger Marketing

and Author of 'Happiness Is…' and 'Cubical Commando'

Luciano Colanzi

"Packed with useful information"

"I found the course packed with useful information which came from someone with hands-on experience. Dale has opened up a new world of opportunities for me."

Luciano Colanzi

Body and Soul Dynamics

"Impressed by his strategies and enthusiasm for marketing and distribution"

"Dale is a highly motivated and inspiring teacher with heaps of very practical ideas and strategies. His own personal and business experience is excellent. I specifically was impressed by his strategies and enthusiasm for marketing and distribution. He really thinks outside the box and is creating fantastic new ways of doing business. I really enjoyed the whole experience, thanks Dale."

Lyn Norfor

Lyn Norfor Consulting

"I found the information on distribution and marketing very interesting"

"Dale is a great speaker who is full of energy. I particularly found the information on distribution and marketing very interesting. I look forward to using many of his ideas in the near future."

Mitchell Winton

Winton Photographics


"This is an extremely information rich seminar jam packed with hundreds of experiences"

"Dale has certainly learnt from his experiences and has obviously studied this information for some time. This is an extremely information rich seminar jam packed with hundreds of experiences allowing the short cutting of the process for all who attend. It is an invaluable start to my career as an author, giving me a ton of ideas. It has inspired me to get on with creating my products and methods by which I could now do this. Terrific work Dale!"

Natalie Smith

Blue Galaxy Media


"I now have a much clearer idea of the industry and of my optimal choices"

"Dale has an exhaustive knowledge of publishing and knows how to clearly and effectively communicate the main points. From the vast array of information he provided I now have a much clearer idea of the industry and of my optimal choices. Many thanks Dale."

Philip Carter

Sasha Dunn

"It made me look at publishing and even writing the book in a new light"

"Dale is an excellent public speaker, the session at no time lulled or dragged on. It proceeded at a rapid pace and was value packed with information. It made me look at publishing and even writing the book in a new light, in fact it was less daunting and seemed more like an exciting challenge. I have already recommended the seminar as the information can be paralleled into other industries with good success, in particular the pre-selling process and the marketing strategies. The seminar was so valuable and Dale was very generous with his information."

Sasha Dunn

Sharonne Phillips

"The course was fantastic"

"The course was fantastic, as not only was it worthwhile but it is essential for any budding author. Dale has an amazing presentation style. Clear, concise and always high energy. Whether you wish to write fiction or non-fiction, Dale has the way to do it. I have completed other writing workshops - this has been the most thorough and enlightening."

Sharonne Phillips

Rachel Gillespie

"It has put all the missing pieces of the puzzle together for me"

"Dale has an amazing ability to make things look simple with his fresh approach. I am very grateful for this information; it has put all the missing pieces of the puzzle together for me. If you want to publish a book or series of books, you must purchase Dale’s ‘Get Published Secrets’ package."

Rachel Gillespie

Blue Galaxy Media Limited


Shirley Dalton

"This really was a fantastic seminar"

"This really was a fantastic course, with loads of information and more importantly - inspirational and motivating. Well done Dale, you deserve every success. Thanks for sharing with us."

Shirley Dalton

Shirley Dalton Business Systems Specialist

Sophie Lee

"It was great to be let into so many trade secrets"

"It was great to be let into so many trade secrets in an area which always appears to be a ’closed book’. In particular interest were the suggestions of covering production costs via pre-selling. It was also great to have access to some very useful websites."

Sophie Lee

"This was the motivation I needed"

"Thank you Dale. This has been a most interesting and stimulating seminar. This was the motivation I needed. I am currently working on my autobiography, and now I have the tools to go ahead with self-publishing my manuscript. Thank you again, a wonderful day meeting great people."

Yvonne Holt

"Makes the whole process of producing a book exciting, interesting and profitable"

"This seminar gave publishing a fresh face which brings wisdom and clarity to an often confusing industry. It was not just a book publishing seminar. Dale’s entrepreneurial flare makes the whole process of producing a book exciting, interesting and profitable."

Colin B. Fragar

Bradax Pty Ltd

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