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This is Free Publishing Tip comes from directly from the third of eight DVDs included in the "Get Published Secrets" program.

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Here's what else you can discover by accessing the full 44 minutes of DVD # 3.

DVD #3: Getting Published

DVD 3: Getting Published

“What every writer must know about getting published while still maintaining creative control over your work”

  • REVEALED: The 7 different ways to get your book published (plus a step-by-step plan that instantly reveals which one is the best option for you).
  • The 2 major advantages of using a “specialized publisher” and instead of a big publisher (and why doing so can save you a fortune).
  • The 'Lazy Authors Secret:' How to get a book expert to represent you… proof read your book… write and send a proposal to publishers… negotiate the best deal… and handle the whole process from start to finish. You just write the book!
  • Everything you need to know about publishing and self-publishing explained in full (what you must know before you make this life-changing decision).
  • The single most important question you must ask before you write or publish your book (this is crucial to your success)
  • Answers to the profound question: “What do publishers want from a book today?”
  • How to find the BEST publisher for your book (some publishers will make your life a living hell. Here's the secret to finding the right one).
  • 3 important things to send to publishers that GUARANTEE they read your book and get back to you (this one of my best kept secrets).
  • How to get a celebrity or high-profile expert to “co-author” your book with you for FREE (easy to do, once you know how).
  • How to turn your book into an eBook in 5 minutes! (Incredibly easy to do once you know how. Even if you're a computer novice.)
  • REVEALED: How to have ALL of the production and marketing expenses of your book totally covered before you've even started writing! (I'm not joking. Savvy authors do this all the time. This one tip alone is worth 10 times the cost of course)
  • The publicity secrets behind the best-selling Australian book “Happiness Is…” Learn the easy strategies this savvy author used to make her book mega successful!

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