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This Free Publishing Tip comes directly from the first of eight DVDs included in the "Get Published Secrets" program

Here's what else you can discover by accessing the full 48 minutes of DVD # 1.

DVD #1:Developing Your Plan

DVD 1: Developing Your Plan

“What you must do before you start writing, to ensure your book will become an international success?”

  • 5 great reasons to write a book (if you've ever lost your motivation to write, then simply hearing these reasons will re-ignite your passion for finishing your book!)
  • 4 book publishing myths exposed. You'll listen in as I squash every single one of these limiting beliefs, and set you on the path to achieving success as an author.
  • The 5 fastest and easiest ways to generate a stream of winning titles for your book
  • WARNING: Don't even think about writing a book until you've answered this important question (you're whole book will be flawed from the start if you don't).
  • A simple 6-word phrase that will help you to write and get published in record time! (It helped me to write and publish 4 books within 8 months. You can too).
  • My simple formula that makes your book stand out among the hundreds of other competing books in ANY category (without using bright colours or loud text)
  • 3 things you must do, if you want publishers to take your book seriously (hint: surprisingly none of these have got anything to do with 'writing' your book!)
  • The 7 types of book titles that SELL (finding a killer title is one of the key factors in creating a best-selling book. You can 'steal' these ideas to create your own title).
  • The secret formula for writing a best-selling book cover (every single best-seller I've seen follows this formula. Learn exactly what to write, step-by-step).

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