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This is Free Publishing Tip comes from directly from the second of eight DVDs included in the "Get Published Secrets" program.

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DVD #2: Writing Your Book

DVD 2: Writing Your Book

“The fastest and easiest way to write a book that's SO irresistible, your readers won't be able to put it down”

  • 6 quick, easy and low-cost ways to find out what your target market REALLY wants to read (if you don't find this out, then your book will BOMB!)
  • The 2 biggest reasons why people buy fiction and non-fiction books (it's not what you're thinking. And if you plan on writing a book, then you must know this).
  • The exact, word-for-word email I sent to my database to find out what they wanted to learn about a subject I was writing about (you can copy this email and use it too!)
  • A FREE way to locate hundreds of books similar to the one you're writing, see what they've written, then generate ideas for writing your own (without leaving home).
  • A shortcut technique, stolen from a famous best selling author, that helps you to write a book faster and with less effort than you ever dreamed possible.
  • The secret to eliminating writers block quickly and forever (imagine how many books you could write by removing this huge time waster).
  • An easy-to-use, low-cost program that will write your book in 8 hours or less! (I know 3 famous authors who use this program often)
  • Where to find thousands of experienced writers who will literally fight amongst each other for the chance to write your book for you – for a small fee.
  • A little known website that lists thousands of book titles that are “public domain” and FREE for YOU to re-publish, modify, re-print – do anything you want with them!
  • How to get dozens of experts to agree to be interviewed for your book on ANY topic (like real estate investing, public speaking, golfing, etc) and to do it for FREE.
  • 2 simple things EVERY book must contain to generate mega-profits (sadly, 99% of authors don't know to do this, so they go broke, instead of making money).
  • How to get celebrities to endorse your book for FREE (learn how I got Ian Thorpe – the world's fastest swimmer – to write a glowing endorsement for my book).

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