“Dyslexic Author Went From Being Rejected By Every Publisher In Town, To Publishing 15 Best Selling Books In Just 2 years - Finally He Reveals How Anyone Can Do The Same Once You Watch His Step-By-Step Videos…”

It doesn't matter if your manuscript has been dismissed by every publisher around, you can't 'write' to save your life, or if you simply have no clue how to get started. Because you're about to get your hands on…

The most in-depth, step-by-step, complete, no-stone-left-unturned, what-to-do and exactly how-to-do-it system that includes more than 8 'how to videos' for writing, publishing and promoting your own best selling book in record time!”

“You're About To Discover Secrets Most Authors Will Never Know About Getting Published!”

  • Where to find a list of publishers who are already interested in publishing your book (easy to find, once you know 'where' to look).
  • The BIG mistake 95% of authors make when sending their book to publishers, that guarantee it will never be read (and how avoiding this mistake can double your chances of getting published)
  • How to find the BEST publisher for your book (one that pays fast, gets your book published quickly, and is easy to work with).
  • How to turn your book into multiple streams of passive income (and why this is incredibly easy to do, even if you're a new author).
  • Where to find reputable and low-cost literary agents with experience in promoting YOUR type of book.
  • How to stop authors and publisher from 'stealing' your book ideas.
  • Should you self-publish your book? Learn the pro's and con's about 'publishing' and 'self-publishing' before you make this vital decision.
  • How to get a celebrity or high-profile expert to “co-author” your book with you for FREE (easy to do, once you know how)
  • Where to find a list of professional and low-cost editors, printers, designers, typesetters – every “hired helper” you need!
  • Do you suck at writing? Discover the easy way to write a book in just 28 days – even if you failed English at School (not an eBook)

Plus dozens of other techniques that 98% of authors don't know about and publishers hope you never discover…

If you'd like to discover the secrets to writing, publishing and promoting your own best selling book in record time, then this will be the most important letter you read this year…

“You Too, Can Become A Best Selling Author, Once You Read This…

You've got a great idea for a book. You start writing and after a few months (or even years) of slaving away at the computer, your manuscript is finally finished!

So you grab the yellow pages or go online and search for “book publishers.” You print a few copies of your book, and mail it off with a cover letter, to a few suitable publishers.

You nervously wait for a response. But instead of receiving the “Congratulations! We want to publish your book” letter or call, all you receive is one 'rejection' letter after another!

You're devastated, but you don't give up. You spend a small fortune on 'how to' books and overpriced seminars. You change your approach, but the publishers still 'reject' your book.

Or perhaps you're already a published author. If so, then I'm certain you're disappointed with measly book sales, and publishers who've stopped caring about you.

You don't understand. You thought everyone would love your book. You thought you'd become a best selling author, be interviewed on TV, and become rich and famous.

Sound familiar? You're NOT alone. I've been there too. But don't worry. Because in the next 5 minutes you too, will learn how to become a successful author in record time.

You're about to read the incredible story of how I went from having my book rejected by every publisher in town – to writing and publishing 15 best selling books in just 2 years!

If you find that hard to believe, I don't blame you. Even I find it hard to believe sometimes, except that it really did happen to me. And not because I have special contacts, experience, or lots of money to throw around. In fact, I'm just an average person like you. But I was lucky enough to discover the secrets to becoming a best selling author fast.

Dan Poynter

“Dale will change the way you think about publishing forever”

“Whether you are a FICTION, NON-FICTION or even POETRY writer, Dale Beaumont will change the way you think about publishing - forever! Absorb his wisdom and follow his plan”

Dan Poynter

World's Leading Self-Publishing Expert

and Author of over 100 books

Hans Jakobi

“Takes you through the entire publishing process from start to finish”

“Over the last 15 years I have been exposed to a lot of material on the subject of book publishing. I can honestly say that Dale's 'Get Published Secrets' pack is the most advanced and most comprehensive program I have seen on the subject.

It takes you through the entire publishing process from start to finish and leaves no stone unturned. So if you've ever dreamt of becoming a published author and creating a profit making machine, then 'Get Published Secrets' isn't a choice… it's a MUST.”

Hans Jakobi

Multi-Millionaire Property Investor

and Author of over 6 Best-Selling Books


How I Went From Almost Failing English In High School, To Becoming A Best Selling Author…

Hi. My name is Dale Beaumont.

During school, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia (a learning disability which makes writing difficult). Spelling and putting sentences together has always been a challenge for me.

Once school finished, I started looking for ways to improve myself.

I began attending lots of personal development seminars. I learnt from master motivators, such as: Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, Brandon Bays, Anthony Robbins, and many others. But there was a problem

At these seminars, I was often the only teenager in the room. Everyone else was at least twice my age! The speakers talked about “adult” challenges, and I found it hard to relate.

I remember thinking, “Why isn't there any motivational seminar for teenagers?” I searched and searched, but found nothing! So I decided to do something about it…

At the age of 19, with my good friend Brent Williams, I co-founded “Tomorrow's Youth International,” a company that presents self-development workshops for teenagers.

And after months of self-promotion, our workshops became a big success, with hundreds of teenagers flocking to each one. Soon, we were presenting them in four countries.

But feeling exhausted, we began looking for other ways to reach teenagers, without having to hold draining workshops every week.

So we decided to write a book!

Problem was, we had no clue where to begin. The 'writing' part of the book was pretty easy (Brent did most of the writing) but everything else was incredibly difficult!

Problem was, we had no experience, no contacts and no clue where to begin! So we made tons of mistakes, which costs us thousands of dollars and hours and hours of wasted time!

Dale Frustrated

Trying to get published can be frustrating. But not if you follow my step-by-step plan.

These mistakes could have easily been avoided, if we had someone to mentor us. The whole process of writing, publishing and promoting our book would have been ten times faster, easier, and more profitable - if we had simply listened to the experts first.

Anyway, we printed off a ton of copies, wrote a cover letter, and mailed them to almost every publisher in town. Then we sat back and waited for the 'book offers' to pour in.

But after 6 months of waiting, the only response we got were rejection letters! (you know, those overly formal “Dear Sir, we're sorry” ones!)

Frustrated and confused, we decided to 'self publish' the book ourselves. So we started looking for distributors, who could sell our book to the bookstores. We spoke to many distributors, and were rejected by them all, until one (out of sympathy) agreed to help.

Obviously, our first book was a dismal failure. But I refused to give up. In fact, failing only motivated me more to discover the secret to becoming a best-selling author. Which is why…

I Hunted Down, Held Hostage, And Studied The World's Most Successful Authors And Publishers!

I became committed to learning the secret to 'getting published'.

So I scoured the internet and bought every single “how to get published” product I could find. Books, CDs, DVDs, programs – you name it, I've probably bought it!

But I didn't stop there: I also attended lots of different “publishing” seminars, and listened to dozens of best selling authors and veteran publishers reveal their secrets of success.

These experts included…

  • Mark Victor Hansen ("Chicken Soup for the Soul" over 100 million copies sold)
  • Dan Poynter (Author of over 98 books, including "Paracuting")
  • Allan Pease (Author of "Body Language" over 5 million copies sold!)
  • Robert Allen (best selling author of "The One Minute Millionaire")
  • Robyn Henderson (best selling business author of over 15 books)
  • Cindy Cashman (Author of too many books to mention here, millions sold!)

Dale with Dan Poynter
(Author of over 100 books!)

Dale with Mark Victor Hansen's CD Product

Dale with Allan Pease
(Allan sold over 20 million books!)

Then I applied everything that I learnt. Some strategies worked, while others flat out bombed! But after a few months I began to see results. Did it work for me? Well …

I Wrote And Published 15 Best Selling Books In Just 2 Years (And I'm Dyslexic!)

If I can write a best selling book, then YOU certainly can too!

I don't care if your books have been rejected by every publisher in town. I don't care if you don't think you're a 'good writer'. Gosh, I struggled with English throughout High School (my teacher said if he had 5 cents for every time I made a spelling mistake, he'd be rich).

But despite this, I've been able to write and have published not one… but 15 best selling books in just 2 years! And I'm convinced anyone can do the same, once you follow the step-by-step formula I'm about to share with you.

But first, I know there are many so-called publishing “gurus” who promise to teach you their 'magical' secrets for becoming a “millionaire” author overnight (What a load of BS!).

I want to prove to you that I'm different. Below is a list of my most recent publishing achievements. I'm not doing this to boast or brag. But to show you that I'm the real deal.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of media articles written about my book.

5,000+ books all pre-sold, ready to go

One of countless radio interviews

On National TV talking about my books

My 4 books selling in the bookstores (along side Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trump

Want even more proof?

Here's what a few successful authors and publishers have said about me and this product…

Robyn Henderson

“Empowers Authors To Minimise Mistakes And Maximise Exposure”

“Book publishing is a risky business - and mistakes can be costly. Dale Beaumont is a risk taker, and has studied the craft of book publishing whilst perfecting his models. His passion and enthusiasm for the industry empowers his authors to minimise mistakes and maximise exposure for their book series reaching a vast marketplace. Dale is a true innovator.”

Robyn Henderson

Managing Director of Sea Change Publishing

and Author of over 15 books


Domenica Papalia

“Essential information for anyone preparing to publish a book”

“The 'Get Published Secrets' course was excellent! There was an incredible amount of information delivered in a fun, inspiring, easy to understand manner. I believe it is essential information for anyone preparing to publish a book, because it really opens up your eyes to all the important decisions you need to make before you send your book to the printer.

I highly recommend to anyone - Dale is without a doubt an expert in his field and his knowledge is priceless.”

Domenica Papalia

Coach Trainer

and Author of 'Your Highest Potential'

But What Happened Next Shocked And Surprised Me…

As word spread about my success, I began to receive hundreds of calls and emails from aspiring authors, begging me to reveal how I was able to publish 15 books in record time.

So why did I agree to share my book secrets? Well, “why not?” I know what it's like to be a struggling author. To spend months (even years) slaving away at the computer, only to have your cherished book 'rejected' by one smug publisher after another.

I know what it's like to lose thousands of dollars making the same mistakes you're probably making now. Well, I don't want you or anyone else, to make these mistakes.

And that's why earlier this year, I agreed to put on a one-day seminar, and reveal the step-by-step formula I used to write and publish 15 best selling books in just 2 years.

After announcing the seminar, it was completely FULL just 48 hours later!

I poured my heart out during that event. I spent over 8 solid hours, sharing every single strategy, tip and secret ANY author can immediately use to write, publish and promote their own best selling book, in record time. There was…

No fluff or filler. No pitching. Just valuable, practical advice. But don't take my word for it…

Here's What A Few People Who Attended The Seminar Have To Say…

(You'll Be Surprised At What They're Saying, I Was!)

Amanda Galati

“Get Published Secrets seminar one of the most in-depth and fascinating seminars I have attended!”

“I found the 'Get Published Secrets' seminar one of the most in-depth and fascinating seminars I have attended! Very content rich almost to the point of overload but I understand how much valuable information Dale has to share! To this end, the seminar was very concise in each area and easy to understand.

My view of where I can take myself in the world of publishing has expanded 100 times and I now realise that there is so much more that can be developed from writing a book. The greatest thing I learnt was about developing a series of books – thinking longer term about how to turn this into a business and spin-off products is exciting and mind blowing. I have a lot of ideas for books, this have given me the steps to now do it!”

Amanda Galati

Pandemic Possibilities


James Short

“I know what I need to get my book marketing, printed and published with easy steps to use and follow.”

“Wow Dale! Before I heard Dale I had so many questions about how to start and where to go about getting started. All I had was a great idea but no direction. After listening to Dale, I now know what I need to get my book marketed, printed and published with easy steps to use and follow. A massive weight has been lifted, and now I am even more excited about get my book out. Thanks Champion”

James Short

Award winning fitness trainer

“Dale opens the door and lights the path to get your book published”

“Dale Beaumont's 'Get Published Secrets' seminar is a treasure chest of user friendly and practical information. If you have written a book or are at the stage where the desire to write a book is just a whisper, Dale opens the door and lights the path to get your book published. Congratulations Dale on your publishing success.”

Dennis McKay and Suzanna Fassoulas

Gold Archer Inter-National

“I wish I had done Dale's course before I published my first book”

“I wish I had done Dale's course before I published my first book - rather than reinventing the publishing wheel, I could have redirected those efforts into promotions and marketing. Now, armed with an arsenal of tips and techniques, I can ensure my subsequent publications are more successful, faster!”

Sigrid de Castella

Author of 'Half The Woman I Was'

“What a shock I got!”

“I was wondering if this seminar was really going to be that good. But what a shock I got! Dale was excellent, full of energy and delivered with gusto. As a first time publisher, I found it to be very in-depth with lots of information and knowledge and well worth the early Sunday wake-up! Thank you Dale for your enthusiasm and knowledge.”

Eugenio Monaco

Body and Soul Dynamics

“I am now energised and believe I have the ability to write a winning book”

“I flew across from New Zealand to attend Dale's seminar. I got up at 4am (New Zealand time) this morning and am so glad I did. Dale is a fountain of knowledge and focused relevant information. I am now energised and believe not only that I have the ability to write a winning book, but I now also have the tools to turn this belief into a reality.”

Jennie Vickers

JV Initiatives

“I found the material in 'Get Published Secrets' invaluable”

“I found the material in 'Get Published Secrets' invaluable. Dale has a great ability to break down the topic into juicy chunks and presenting it in an interesting and dynamic way. I also like the way he explored my pre-existing assumptions about the ways that books can get published. I loved the idea of pre-selling books and out-sourcing the writing process. I also loved the Coca-Cola theory of marketing: Go Everywhere, Do Anything But Not All At Once.”

Jennifer Coggins

Think these comments can't get any better?

Click here to read another 43 testimonials!


Get Published Secrets

Get Published Secrets

“Everything You Need To Know About Writing, Publishing And Promoting Your Own Best Selling Book And Making A Fortune In The Process!”

Everything I taught about writing, publishing and promoting your own book during the seminar is covered in great detail. In fact, the 'Get Published Secrets' course consists of:

  • 8 DVDs, over 7 hours of content recorded during the workshop. Discover my entire step-by-step, easy to follow process for writing and publishing a top-selling book.
  • 16 CDs, listen to me 'grill' several mega-successful authors and veteran publishers on their latest and greatest tips, strategies and secrets for 'getting published'.

Lets take a closer look at each component in greater detail…

Component #1:

Get Published Secrets DVDs

These DVDs cover 8 of the most important steps every author must take, if they want their book to get published and start selling like hot cakes. Below is a brief description of what is covered on each DVD…

DVD #1: Developing Your Plan

DVD 1: Developing Your Plan

“What you must do before you start writing, to ensure your book will become an international success?”

  • 5 great reasons to write a book (if you've ever lost your motivation to write, then simply hearing these reasons will re-ignite your passion for finishing your book!)
  • 4 book publishing myths exposed. You'll listen in as I squash every single one of these limiting beliefs, and set you on the path to achieving success as an author.
  • The 5 fastest and easiest ways to generate a stream of winning titles for your book
  • WARNING: Don't even think about writing a book until you've answered this important question (you're whole book will be flawed from the start if you don't).
  • A simple 6-word phrase that will help you to write and get published in record time! (It helped me to write and publish 4 books within 8 months. You can too).
  • My simple formula that makes your book stand out among the hundreds of other competing books in ANY category (without using bright colours or loud text)
  • 3 things you must do, if you want publishers to take your book seriously (hint: surprisingly none of these have got anything to do with 'writing' your book!)
  • The 7 types of book titles that SELL (finding a killer title is one of the key factors in creating a best-selling book. You can 'steal' these ideas to create your own title).
  • The secret formula for writing a best-selling book cover (every single best-seller I've seen follows this formula. Learn exactly what to write, step-by-step).

DVD #2: Writing Your Book

DVD 2: Writing Your Book

“The fastest and easiest way to write a book that's SO irresistible, your readers won't be able to put it down”

  • 6 quick, easy and low-cost ways to find out what your target market REALLY wants to read (if you don't find this out, then your book will BOMB!)
  • The 2 biggest reasons why people buy fiction and non-fiction books (it's not what you're thinking. And if you plan on writing a book, then you must know this).
  • The exact, word-for-word email I sent to my database to find out what they wanted to learn about a subject I was writing about (you can copy this email and use it too!)
  • A FREE way to locate hundreds of books similar to the one you're writing, see what they've written, then generate ideas for writing your own (without leaving home).
  • A shortcut technique, stolen from a famous best selling author, that helps you to write a book faster and with less effort than you ever dreamed possible.
  • The secret to eliminating writers block quickly and forever (imagine how many books you could write by removing this huge time waster).
  • An easy-to-use, low-cost program that will write your book in 8 hours or less! (I know 3 famous authors who use this program often)
  • Where to find thousands of experienced writers who will literally fight amongst each other for the chance to write your book for you – for a small fee.
  • A little known website that lists thousands of book titles that are “public domain” and FREE for YOU to re-publish, modify, re-print – do anything you want with them!
  • How to get dozens of experts to agree to be interviewed for your book on ANY topic (like real estate investing, public speaking, golfing, etc) and to do it for FREE.
  • 2 simple things EVERY book must contain to generate mega-profits (sadly, 99% of authors don't know to do this, so they go broke, instead of making money).
  • How to get celebrities to endorse your book for FREE (learn how I got Ian Thorpe – the world's fastest swimmer – to write a glowing endorsement for my book).

DVD #3: Getting Published

DVD 3: Getting Published

“What every writer must know about getting published while still maintaining creative control over your work”

  • REVEALED: The 7 different ways to get your book published (plus a step-by-step plan that instantly reveals which one is the best option for you).
  • The 2 major advantages of using a “specialized publisher” and instead of a big publisher (and why doing so can save you a fortune).
  • The 'Lazy Authors Secret:' How to get a book expert to represent you… proof read your book… write and send a proposal to publishers… negotiate the best deal… and handle the whole process from start to finish. You just write the book!
  • Everything you need to know about publishing and self-publishing explained in full (what you must know before you make this life-changing decision).
  • The single most important question you must ask before you write or publish your book (this is crucial to your success)
  • Answers to the profound question: “What do publishers want from a book today?”
  • How to find the BEST publisher for your book (some publishers will make your life a living hell. Here's the secret to finding the right one).
  • 3 important things to send to publishers that GUARANTEE they read your book and get back to you (this one of my best kept secrets).
  • How to get a celebrity or high-profile expert to “co-author” your book with you for FREE (easy to do, once you know how).
  • How to turn your book into an eBook in 5 minutes! (Incredibly easy to do once you know how. Even if you're a computer novice.)
  • REVEALED: How to have ALL of the production and marketing expenses of your book totally covered before you've even started writing! (I'm not joking. Savvy authors do this all the time. This one tip alone is worth 10 times the cost of course)
  • The publicity secrets behind the best-selling Australian book “Happiness Is…” Learn the easy strategies this savvy author used to make her book mega successful!

DVD #4: Production Process

DVD 4: Production Process

“What every author must know about editing, designing - literally the whole process of 'making' your book”

  • Every thing you need to know about book publishing explained in plain and simple English (you'll learn about editing, printing and every single step in between).
  • Where to find a list of publishers who are already interested in publishing your book (Yes! There are companies out there who are eagerly waiting for you!).
  • How to find a reputable editor for your book (some editors will do a crappy job and charge you a fortune. Here's how to find a competent one).
  • The EASY and hands-free way to track the changes an editor is making to your book (some changes you'll agree with, but some you won't. You can use this simple software program to compile a list of the changes made).
  • The importance of having a “STYLE” guide. What it is, how to create it (and why it makes the whole editing process a lot faster and easier)
  • Every thing you need to know about “proof-reading” revealed (where to find a skilled one, the best time to use them, what instructions to provide, and more).
  • The COSTLY mistake authors make when sending their book to a typesetter.
  • 8 important decisions you need to make when having your book “typeset” (if you don't do this, then your book may end up looking cheap).
  • The 9 point “Check List” you MUST go through before having your book printed.
  • The ONLY type of printing company you should hire (most first-time authors select the wrong one and their book is printed poorly. Don't let this happen to YOU!).
  • 4 crucial decisions you need to make before your book is printed.

DVD #5: Distribution & Marketing

DVD 5: Distribution & Marketing

“How to get your book selling in bookstores and around the world”

  • What every self-publisher must know about how to get into bookstores.
  • Where to find a list of reputable book distributors in your area.
  • 7 things you MUST show a book distributor when you first contact them (if you forget to include even one of these things, then your book will get rejected).
  • The single biggest mistake authors make when dealing with book distributors that kills the chances of their book ever being sold in book stores.
  • 25 quick, easy and amazingly effective book marketing techniques (use these and your book will fly off the shelves).
  • How to create a support team who will promote your book for FREE (you can double, even triple your marketing efforts when you enlist a support team).
  • The truth about book signings and book launches (and why they're one of the fastest ways for authors to lose money!)
  • How to get celebrity authors to promote your book for FREE (this is easy to do once you know how. Really!)

DVD #6: Publicity And The Internet

DVD 6: Publicity And The Internet

“How To Generate Media Exposure Worth Millions And Tap Into The Enormous Power Of The Web”

  • AT LAST: A “behind the scenes” look at how the media really works. And how you can use this insider knowledge to gain nationwide media exposure FAST.
  • 2 powerful words that “trigger” newspapers to run your story (use these two words in your press release, and you will be in the news. No kidding!)
  • How to tap into the newest and biggest media outlet in the world (sadly, most authors don't know how to tap into this gold mine, and they miss out big time).
  • 5 questions you must ask a PR agency before you work with them (if you don't ask these questions, then the company you choose may ruin your reputation!).
  • My 5 point “check list” for writing killer media releases.
  • 10 tips for presenting yourself during TV and radio interviews (most people get this part wrong and the interview never goes to air. Don't let this happen to YOU)
  • How to get your book listed on Amazon.com in a matter of days.
  • Why having a website is crucial to your success as an author.
  • Success Story: How an ordinary couple with two small children makes between $478 and $1,100 per day selling their books in electronic form over the internet.
  • How to build a website in 4 easy steps (even if you're a computer novice).
  • 7 PROVEN strategies for driving traffic to your website.

Have A Question About Get Published Secrets?

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DVD #7: Extension Products

DVD 7: Extension Products

“How To Use The Content Inside Your Book To Set Up Multiple Streams Of Income”

  • Why you must create a “book series” if you want to be a successful author (learn why it's much easier to write a series of books, than just one)
  • Why writing books on different topics is a BIG mistake.
  • Book marketing secrets from a $100 million information marketer.
  • How to set up an information marketing “funnel” – and get your customers to buy $100 and even $1,000 products from you (even if you have no experience at this).
  • How ANY author can make $1 million dollars in their first year (you'll say “why didn't I think of that” when you learn this).
  • How to get your bookstore buyers to order all of your other books directly from you (so you make $15 per book, instead of a measly $2 royalty).
  • Lessons from one of the most successful internet marketers in the world (learn how he turned his $20 book into a $3,500 course that sells like hotcakes every day).
  • How to turn your book into 13 different formats. DVDs, CDs, eBooks, seminars, etc. And charge a lot more money for the same information.

DVD #8: Hot Seat Session

DVD 8: Hot Seat Questions

“Answers To Every Single One Of Your Most Pressing Questions About Book Publishing”

Hear detailed answers to the most common publishing questions and challenges, like:

  • How much should I sell my book for (fiction and non-fiction)?
  • How can I copyright and protect the information inside my book?
  • What's the best way to approach a major publisher about publishing my book?
  • What kind of pictures should I use on the cover of my book?
  • Where else can I sell my book, other than a bookshop?
  • How can I get a celebrity to write an endorsement for my book?
  • When should I go with a major publisher rather than self-publishing?
  • If my book has gone out of print, how can I get the rights back from my publisher so I can start selling it myself?
  • How can I find out the reasons why a publisher rejected my manuscript?
  • As a first-time unpublished author, should you target a local literary agent?
  • Plus much, much more!

Plus much, much more!

Next are the 16 AUDIO interviews I recorded with several best-selling authors and some of the sharpest publishing minds in the country…

Component #2:

Get Published Secrets Audio CDs

Get Published Secrets Audio CDs

You'll hear 9 successful authors and publishers “spill the beans” on how anyone can write, publish and promote your own best selling book and make a fortune in the process!

You can listen to these CDs ANY time you desire. While you're driving in your car, sitting at your computer, or even taking a walk. Simply pop a CD into any player (you can even download them onto an iPod) and within a few seconds you'll…

Hear Me "GRILL" Successful Authors And Publishers On How YOU Can Publish Your Own Profitable Book, Fast

Dan Poynter

Dan Poynter: Famous Best Selling Author And Publishing Expert

Dan is the author of over 100 books. Including the best selling book, 'Hang Gliding,' which has sold over 130,000 copies.

His publishing company, ParaPublishing was once a one-man show which saw Dan handle all areas of the process single-handily – giving him knowledge of every facet of the publishing industry.

Today, Dan is considered a world renowned publishing expert and advises aspiring authors across the globe at sold-out, high-priced conferences. You'll learn…

  • How to sell a truckload of your books virtually overnight without using a bookstore or a publisher (just these little-known FREE resources).
  • How to get your book published and selling in bookstores in just 21 days – and not the usual 18 months it takes everyone who doesn't know this secret.
  • How to find the BEST publisher for your book (one that pays fast, gets your book published quickly, and is a breeze to work with).
  • How to turn the content from inside your book into multiple streams of income (and why this is much easier to do than you may think).
  • A quick and easy way to get your book reviewed by the major newspapers (Dan used this fun technique to gain massive media exposure for his Frisbee book in just 1 day).
  • The biggest mistakes 95% of authors make when sending their book to publishers, that guarantee their book will never be read (and how you can avoid this).
Brian Caswell

Brian Caswell: Award Winning Fiction Writer Of 30 Books!

Brian has been a teacher of creative writing, English and history for over 15 years. Recognising a need to provide a new style of books to appeal to modern-day students, is what motivated him to write his first book.

Brian is now the author of over 30 books, which have won him many awards, including the Children's Peace Literature Award and the NSW Premier's Award.

  • The simple formula used by TV writers to create shows that millions of viewers can't help but watch – and how to use this formula to write your own best seller.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to write a fictional book. Every single tip, strategy, and tactic from one of Australia's most accomplished fiction writers.
  • The research technique Brian used to get into the minds of children and discover the type of books they love to read. And how to tap into this huge market.
  • How to create believable characters that your readers will love (your characters are the heart and sole of your book. Here's how to ensure your readers love them).
  • How to make your opening paragraphs so captivating – that your readers will ignore their family and friends – just to find out what happens next!

Gihan Perera

Gihan Perera: Successful eBook Author And Online Marketer

Gihan is the author of dozens of eBooks that explain how to build websites and create your own information products. He's also an internet marketing consultant who specializes in helping authors, speakers and consultants create and sell their own eBooks online.

  • How to start selling your eBook in just 3 days (instead of the months or even years it often takes to publish a 'normal' book).
  • How to stop people from printing or sharing your eBook (this secret alone could save you thousands of dollars from those wanting to 'rip you off').
  • The “price barriers” that prevent your book from being sold for more than $40 in the bookstores. And why you can sell your eBook for $97 or more online.
  • How to sell your eBook online without a website or an internet address.
  • Do you hate writing? You can use this low-cost technique to have your book written in record time (without hiring an expensive 'ghost writer').
Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger: Publishing CEO And Book Marketing Expert

Lisa is the managing director of Messenger Marketing, Messenger Publishing and co-director of Anchovy Publishing. She also writes for a range of magazines and publications.

Lisa defied traditional publishing models when she published her first book, “Happiness Is…” A self-published and inspiring photographic book. Lisa applied 'unusual' marketing and publishing strategies to sell a remarkable 21,000 copies in just 12 months!

  • Why self-publishing your book is easier, faster and ten times more profitable than going through a publisher (who are desperate to keep this information from you!)
  • Step-by-step advice on how to self-publish your book on a shoestring budget.
  • How to get bookstores to order 4,000+ copies of your book in 1 week (Lisa used a FREE “give away” promotion to achieve this. You can do the same).
  • Dozens of places that will sell your book (not including a bookstore).
  • The secret “JV technique” that gets you FREE advertising in magazines.
  • How to get your book selling on shop counters (a gold mine for books buyers).
  • How to slash your printing costs by 50% or more with a little-known resource.
Robyn Henderson

Robyn Henderson: Best-Selling Business Author

Robyn has authored over 15 books on business, networking, and confidence building. As a successful author, she has been hired to speak at over 150 seminars in 10 countries!

In her travels, Robyn discovered that many people wanted to write a book, but didn't know how to begin. So she established 'Sea Change Publishing,' a company that produces books and courses on how anyone can write and publish a book fast.

  • Robyn's step-by-step system for writing and publishing a book fast.
  • The benefits of self-publishing compared to traditional publishing.
  • How to self-publish your book in 8 weeks or less.
  • How to stop other authors from stealing your ideas and publishing them.
  • Answer to the question: What are the costs involved in self-publishing a book?
  • The #1 mistake authors make when selecting an editor – that brings the publishing of their book to a screeching halt. How to avoid time-wasting editors.

Fiona Shultz

Fiona Shultz: Publishing Insider Reveals What Every Author Must Know

Fiona is the Managing Director of New Holland Publishers, a publishing company that's been operating for 10 years and is regarded as a publishing industry leader. Fiona will teach you the insider secrets of how to get your book published fast!

  • 4 things to write in your book proposal letter that will get even the most stubborn publisher interested in publishing your book.
  • The secret to getting paid the right advance fee and royalties (without this knowledge you may only get paid a pittance, while your publisher gets rich).
  • How to ensure your relationship with your publisher is easy going, trouble-free, and mega-profitable (knowing this secret is vital to your success as an author).
  • How to work with a publisher… and still have “creative control” of your book (and make sure your publisher doesn't turn your book into something terrible).
  • How to select the right publisher to promote your book (the right publisher could turn you into a best selling author, while the wrong one could send you broke).
Robert Staplefeldt

Robert Staplefeldt: Printing Industry Insider

Robert has over 30 years of experience in the printing and publishing industry. He plays an instrumental role in one of Australia's largest printing companies. Robert is considered an expert in all forms of the book printing process. Here's what you'll learn from Robert…

  • Everything you needed to know about printing explained by a veteran.
  • How the whole book printing process works from start to finish.
  • How to select the right printing company to print your book.
  • 3 critical things you must consider before you select a printer.
  • The secret to getting a huge 50% discount on your printing bill.

Susan Templeman

Susan Templeman: Leading Media Trainer (How To Get On TV & Radio)

Susan is the founder of Templeman Consulting – a specialist media training, coaching and advisory business. She is regarded as one of the world's leading media trainers. Susan shares the secrets of getting yourself interviewed on radio and TV. You'll discover…

  • The single best way to get the attention of the TV and radio networks – so they invite you to be on their show. FREE publicity like this is priceless!
  • The secret to getting journalists to reveal which publications are most likely to write a review about your book (they'll even give you contact details, too!).
  • How to write and send a press release that almost guarantees media interest in your book. And why most authors get this part dead wrong.
  • Exactly what to tell a journalist once you've sent them your release. Plus the best time of day to call, so they don't get annoyed, and throw away your release!
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare for a radio interview – to ensure the interview runs without a hitch (you don't want to get this part wrong).
Stuart Zadel

Stuart Zadel: Speaker Trainer On How Authors Can Get Invited To Speak At Seminars And Earn Big Money From The Stage

Stuart Zadel is an in-demand and powerful speaker on topics such as: Leadership, sales success, peak performance and building champion teams. Stuart has republished a number of classic self-help books and developed a range of information products.

He is also a master at selling from the stage and regularly earns $10,000+ each time he speaks at a seminar (even for his short 90 minute talks). Stuart can teach you how to get invited to speak at events, and earn thousands of dollar from the stage.

  • Here's why 2 people writing books on the same topic can have totally different outcomes (one sells thousands of books while the other struggles to sell a few).
  • How to get invited to speak at seminars and be paid thousands of dollars for your time (even if you're as shy as a mouse).
  • The quick and easy way to publish an online newsletter that attracts thousands of your readers to subscribe (even if you're 'computer challenged')
  • How to turn your $10 book sale into a $1,000 sale.
  • How to turn your book into a lead generating machine (collects your readers contact details, and then emails them about your other books. 100% on auto-pilot).
  • The persuasion secrets of the highest paid speakers in the world. You can 'steal' these secrets and then inject them into your own speeches for maximum profits.
  • The #1 mistake speakers make that shrinks their credibility and book sales. And how to ensure you never make this costly mistake.
  • How to gain a deep rapport with your audience in minutes (so they feel like they've known you for years and trust you completely).
  • The ONE kind of humour to add to your presentation that guarantees a laugh every time (even if you can't tell a joke to save your life).
  • Afraid of being heckled? Not anymore. You can use this 12-word phrase to silence even the most arrogant audience member instantly (and win back the crowd).
  • Sneaky (but ethical) ways to get the audience excited about buying your products without you ever having to make a sales pitch.
  • One simple technique that can increase your book sales by up to 300!
  • How to make your offer so irresistible that your audience rushes to your product table, and fight amongst each other, to be the first to give you their money (really!).
  • One easy technique that instantly reduces product refunds down to zero.

Wow, that's quite a lot of information to go through, isn't it? You're going to learn the complete step-by-step process for writing, publishing and promoting your own best selling book, and make a fortune in the process.

Now at this point you're probably wondering…

What Is The Bottom Line Price For All Of This?

This course could save you thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars and YEARS of time and frustration. In fact

I would have happily paid $5,000 or more, to get my hands on this course when we started writing our first book. It would have made the whole process a hell of a lot easier and less stressful, that's for sure!

Recently, I asked a group of published authors to review 'Get Published Secrets' and tell me how much they'd be willing to pay for it. Knowing that whatever price they said, would be what I'd charge them.

Most people said $2,500. One person said $10,000 (bless him and his family).

But I know that a lot of authors who need this kind of exciting information don't have $5,000 to spend. Even though this information could turn their next book into a best seller (which would make them A LOT more than $10,000).

I want to make 'Get Published Secrets' extremely affordable to everyone.

So I'm not going to charge $10,000. Nor $5,000. Not even $2,500.

The price of my entire 'Get Published Secrets Course' (which includes 8 DVDs, 16 audio CDs and $879.00 worth of free bonus gifts) for a limited time is just… AUD$1,997.

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The success it could bring you, along with the pain and troubles it could save you, makes this course worth at least 10 times your investment price. Don't you agree?

You Can Divide Your Investment In This Program Into 3 Easy Payments!

I realise that paying for this program all at once might stretch your current budget a little. So I'd like to help you out by making this “an offer you'd be crazy to refuse.”

Here's how the payment plan works.

Pay just AUD$749 now. Then only AUD$749 a month for two months (pay the second installment 30 days from now, then the final one 30 days after that). Would that make securing your copy of this exciting new course any easier? Click here to secure a copy now.

But wait…

I'll Slash A Further $250 Off The Price, When You Pay In One Single Payment!

That's right. If you pay for this course in one single payment… then I'll slash a further $250 off the already heavily discounted price. Why am I doing this? Simple…

When you pay in full, it saves me from the administration and accounting hassles that come from handling part payments (they can be a real pain).

I save money when you make a single payment – and I'll pass those savings onto you! Which means, you're investment in this course for a limited time is just a once-off payment of AUD$1997.

I couldn't POSSIBLY make this any easier or low risk for you. You really have nothing to lose by taking advantage of this offer today. Do it now while its still fresh on your mind. You'll be glad you did! Click here to secure a copy now.

When you purchase 'Get Published Secrets' today, you'll also receive…

7 Bonus Gifts (Worth $879.00) Absolutely FREE!

FREE Bonus #1: (Valued At $297)

The Complete Transcripts 260 Page Transcript Of The Entire 'Get Published Secrets' Seminar

Bonus 1

I've had the entire 8 DVDs of the Get Published Secrets Seminar fully transcribed for you. This way you can follow along as you listen (in case there are comments you didn't quite pick up), or you can use the transcript as your reference guide, if you prefer to learn by reading.

You'll also find it super-simple to quickly find any information you need from the without having to go through all the DVDs.

FREE Bonus #2: (Valued At $98)

The Complete Power Point Slides Used In The 'Get Published Secrets' Seminar

Bonus 2

You'll can choose to watch the DVDs of the seminar and follow along with the Power Point Slides at the same time (it feels like you're actually sitting in the seminar!)

Sometimes you may not have the time to go through all of the DVDs and CDs again…and only want the 'gist' of a topic. In this case, whip out the Power Points and glance through them. You'll get a wonderfully detailed perspective on the content, without spending hours of your time!

Bonus 3

FREE Bonus #3: (Valued At $130)

Audio Recordings Of The Entire 'Get Published Secrets' Seminar

Scientific studies dating back as far as the 19th century, have shown that you learn and retain information much better when you go over it again and again, until it is embedded in your consciousness.

To make it as easy and convenient as possible for you to do this, I'm including the entire 'Get Published Secrets' seminar on MP3 audio so you you can listen to it while you're on the move (you can download it to your iPod, MP3 player or your computer).

There may be times when you can't sit down and watch the DVDs, or you simply want to review the 'Get Published Secrets' seminar while you're on a train, driving in your car, at the gym or just out and about.

FREE Bonus #4: (Valued At $97)

A Pictorial Guide Of The Entire 'Get Published Secrets' Seminar

Bonus 4

“What is a Pictorial Guide,” I hear you asking? Well, let me answer that question with a question: Are you a 'visual learner?' You are? Great! That means, this guide will help you retain the info you learn in this course.

A Pictorial Guide is a professional artist's visual interpretation of the topics, techniques, strategies covered during the seminar. Think of it like a visual “mind map” that lists the most important parts of this seminar.

You'll be able to skim through this guide, look at each picture, and instantly be reminded of the most important strategies and tactics for writing, publishing and promoting your own best selling book!

FREE Bonus #5: (Valued At $110)

Cheat Sheet For All 16 Audio CD Interviews

Bonus 5

You've never seen anything like this before. No other publishing 'expert' has taken the time to make their course this comprehensive.

I've listened to every single interview in this course, and whenever one of the experts shared something valuable (like a technique, strategy or secret) I wrote it down in a 'cheat sheet.' Which means…

You don't have to go through hours of audio, to find a specific strategy you want to learn. You can simply glance at each cheat sheet, and instantly find the information you're looking for. Great huh?

Bonus 6

FREE Bonus #6: (Valued At $147)

“Unleashing the Power of Google Adwords for Authors” CD ROM Tutorial

Adam Davis is a leading internet marketing consultant and Google Adwords expert.

Inside this video tutorial Adam shows you step-by-step how to set up a Google Adwords account, drive targeted traffic to your website, and get thousands of online browsers to buy your book.

You'll feel like you're looking over his shoulder as he walks you through the whole process. You'll also learn…

  • The benefits of using Google Adwords (and five reasons why they are more powerful than other marketing methods).
  • 3 mistakes most authors make when setting up an account.
  • How to out-smart your competitors when bidding (Adam reveals his '1 cent' trick, that can both save and make you a fortune).
  • 4 techniques you need to know now about writing the perfect Google advertisement for your book.
  • How to test the impact of your book title before going to print. (This one technique alone can be the difference between your book staying in your desk draw or ending up as a best seller on the bookshelves!)
  • Discover how to generate targeted traffic to your website so people can buy your book anywhere in the world.

Mystery Bonus

FREE Bonus #7: (Value = Priceless!)

The BIG Mystery Bonus Package Breaking News!

This bonus is SO valuable that I've been forced to keep it 'hush-hush' because I don't want my competitors buying my course and getting their hands on it.

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You'll learn…

  • How to get your book selling in one of the worlds largest online stores…
  • How to get savvy internet marketers to sell your book on a commission basis…
  • How to use Amazon to sell a ton of your books…
  • Success tips from successful, millionaire authors revealed in full…
  • Plus much, much more

Look, I've already said too much. Just know that this 'Mystery Bonus Package' may be worth more than the price of my course!

I'd like to do something else, to make your decision to secure this course, 100% risk-free.

You Can “Test Drive” My Course For One Full Year (365 Days) Risk Free!

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

That's not a misprint. You can “test drive” the 'Get Published Secrets' course for a FULL 365 days.

Here's how it works. Grab a copy of the course today. Watch every single one of the 8 DVDs. Listen to the 16 audio interviews. Go through the step-by-step instructions.

And if after one full year (365 days), you're not 100% satisfied that you've got the skills to become a published author, then simply mail the course back to me with a short note with why you're asking for a refund. And then if your case is genuine I'll happily refund your money.

Plus, I'll even allow you to keep the $879.00 worth of bonus gifts, as my way of thanking you for giving the 'Get Published Secrets' course an honest try.

Could I possibly be any fairer than that? I don't think so. I truly believe I've “bent over backwards” to make this the easiest and most risk-free decision you've ever made.

Order Your Copy Now While There Are Copies Still Available…

Where's the downside?

Well, there isn't one. Unless you move to slowly and wait to order. I can't guarantee you'll be able to get your hands on the entire package. I don't plan on printing an infinite quantity.

I don't want to flood the market with all of this insider information and have it lose its power.

So don't delay. Order now.

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Dale Beaumont

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Creator of the "Get Published Secrets" Program

PS. Remember, this is the same step-by-step process I used to write, publish and promote not one or two…but four best selling books in just 8 months! And I'm no one special. Gosh, I've been diagnosed with Dyslexia (a learning disability that makes writing difficult) and I almost failed English in School. So if I can write a best seller, then YOU can too!

PPS. Still Skeptical? I understand. That's why I'm allowing you to TEST DRIVE this course for a full 365 days RISK FREE! So if after going through it, you're not 100% convinced that you've got the skills to become a published author, then you won't pay a cent. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

PPPS. You're going to receive 8 DVDs, 16 audio CDs and $879.00 worth of free bonus gifts. The easy to follow, step-by-step formula you need to – write, publish and promote your own best selling book and make a fortune in the process.

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